A Great Bunch of Lads

Folk/Rock music, spiced up with Irish Trad! Based in the north of Italy (weird, innit?) and made up of lads who, in one way or another, lived or spent too much time in Ireland!

Too rock for the Folkies and too folk for the Rockies, the Bastards could please or disappoint almost everyone. Formed back in 2007, they play an unique blend of folk/rock and Traditional Irish Music. Uilleann pipes, tenor banjo, mandolin, Irish flute: there are few others bands in the folk/rock scene that could compete with the Bastards in terms of deep knowledge of pure Irish Traditional Music and Irish culture and society.

As written in a review of the latest album, “Uncle Bard & The Dirty Bastards don’t pretend to be Irish. […] They are showing “huge gratitude and all the due respect to Irish music and culture”. They are really Ireland’s adopted sons and have brought a new breeze to the European Celtic punk/rock scene.”

Since 2015 only, the band has toured internationally and played more than 300 gigs all over Europe, including successful shows at Oranjerock in Netherlands, Shamrock Castle in Germany, Celtica in Italy, Aymon Folk Festival in France and many others huge international events. Consequently has shared the stage for three times with worldwide famous celtic-punk band Dropkick Murphys (USA), toured Italy with legendary Flogging Molly (USA), then played with Kensington (NET), Volbeat (DEN) or Frank Turner (UK) but also with traditional acts like De Danann (IRE), Four Men and A Dog (IRE), Beoga (IRE), Dubliners (IRE).

The new album “Handmade!” has been released on February 9th, 2017. More than one hour for 16 songs, “Handmade” is a picture of what we are. There is room for a pint and a laugh but also for uncertainty and troubles because life hands you both things.

When doing this record we realised that we were handmaking it. Day by day it was a labour of love, putting our lives in and personally taking care of every aspect: lyrics, music, arrangements but also photos, video, concept and even recording. We don’t have producers, record labels, arrangers, a lyricist or someone else behind us; this is handcrafted stuff done in an old-fashioned way by a bunch of friends. Hope you’ll appreciate the genuineness of it and feel the passion we put into it. Could be better, could be worse… but this is what The Dirty Bastards are: a great bunch of lads.

The Dirty Bastards are

Guido Domingo: vocals, acoustic guitar
Lorenzo Testa: tenor banjo, mandolin
Luca Crespi: uilleann pipes, tin whistle, Irish flute
Rob Orlando: bass guitar
Silvano Ancellotti: electric guitar
Luca Terlizzi: drums

Tour Dates

Tour Dates

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Get The Folk Out!

Release date: 2014
Recorded at Studio Decibel
Mixed and mastered by Lorenzo Testa & Guido Domingo

Up The Bastards!

Release date: 2013
Recorded at Octave Studio
Mixed and mastered by Guido Domingo & Lorenzo Testa

Band & Booking

Band: info@dirtybastards.it
Booking: booking@dirtybastards.it


Jacopo Ventura (KeltIt)
Phone number: +39 3890742449
Email: booking@dirtybastards.it


Subkultura Booking

Phone: + 49 (0) 17666800126
Email: germany@dirtybastards.it


Mix Max Music GmbH

Phone number: +41 41 828 18 70
Email: switzerland@dirtybastards.it


Matthieu Renaudet
(Cheeky Cherry / Mast Production)

Email: france@dirtybastards.it
Phone number: +336 71654846

Spain & Portugal:

Actos Management: www.actosmanagement.com
Email: actosmanagement@gmail.com

Germany & Rest of the World

Paolo Secli (Booking Manager)
Phone number: +39 3382137575
Email: booking@dirtybastards.it

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